Bespoke Program

1. Initial Assessment

No two people are the same, even with the same diagnostic labels, so it's important that a thorough assessment is completed to get to know you and your health journey

2. Tailored Program

Based on your initial assessment, you will have a bespoke program designed for you targeting your most limiting symptoms while also focusing on your personal goals

3. Ongoing Support

Once the program is complete, I am here for as much or as little ongoing support as needed to help you troubleshoot any challenges that you may have moving forward

Program Details

Your program will be 100% tailor made to suit you and your specific health journey as no two people are the same, even with the same diagnostic labels! It's also essential to be aware that all program content utilises the most up to date scientific research and takes into consideration the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommendations. But most importantly, treatment is patient led, because you know your body better than anybody else does!

Our Sessions

All sessions are delivered via Telehealth and, although each session is unique, topics of focus include:

  • Understanding the physiology of your health condition(s)
  • Central sensitisation education
  • Energy management strategies
  • Pacing (physical, cognitive, emotional, and environmental)
  • Trigger identification
  • Setback management
  • Sleep physiology related to your condition(s)
  • OI & POTS management strategies
  • Pain management strategies
  • Movement strategies
  • Stress & anxiety physiology and interplay with your condition(s)
  • Understanding safety and danger messages on the nervous system
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) & recovery
  • Studying with chronic illness
  • Travelling with chronic illness